After 8 years, JEANROCHDARD is closing it’s doors.

We are deeply proud of the program we have built over the years and of the many enriching projects and shows that took place at the gallery and on fairs. It has been an great privilege to support and encourage the artists we worked with. We are obvioulsy thankful to all the artists that have allowed us to do so. Artists who have inspired us, enriched our everyday lives and challenged us through out these years with there dedication, generosity, enthousiasm and profesionalism.

Thank you most especially to Elisa Rigoulet as well as all the collaborators over the years, Jean-Baptiste Carobolante, Dieudonné Cartier, Nicolas de Ribou, Cedric L’Hoste, Eloi Boucher, Charlotte Morel, Lucile Fay, Pauline Palluy, and ofcourse curators, collectors, writers and colleagues who have supported and encouraged us as friends and peers. Thank you all for your warm and constant support over the years.

Thank you to all the anonymous visitors that followed us through out the years and made this wonderfull adventure possible.

After having worked for museums, fashion houses, auction houses and then the gallery, this will bring new chalenges for continued opportunities to collaborate differently in the future with artists and can only look forward to new and exciting projects with monCHÉRI in Brussels.


Jenny Akerlund, John M. Armleder, Daniel Arsham, Hernan Bas, Stefania Batoeva, Anna Betbeze, Gabriele Beveridge, Sebastien Bonin, Mikael Brkic, Steffen Bunte, Sophie Calle, Jon Campbell, Dieudonné Cartier, Maurizio Cattelan, Christophe Chemin, James Clarkson, Colin Cook, Ethan Cook, Nick Cortese, Zuzanna Czebatul, Gina Dawson, Claire Decet, Wim Delvoye, Bryan Dooley, Luke Dowd, Lionel Estève, Brian Fay, Laurent Fiévet, Samuel François, Louisa Gagliardi, Marcel Gähler, Jack Greer, Corentin Grossmann, Manor Grunewald, Carlo Guaita, Dave Hardy, Ane Mette Hol, Donna Huanca, Alex Ito, Béla Pablo Janssen, Lucas Jardin, Tobias Kaspar, Antone Konst, Olivier Kosta-Théfaine, Piotr Lakomy, Andrew Laumann, Lindsay Lawson, Chris Lecler, Renato Leotta, Larissa Lockshin, Zachari Logan, Isaac Lythgoe, Keegan Mchargue, Fabien Merelle, Justin Morin, Michel Mouffe, Nyeema Morgan, Morgan-Richard Murphey, Wes Noble, Robert Normand, Jed Ochmanek, Oliver Osborne, David Ostrowski, Grear Patterson, Walter Pfeiffer, Benoit Platéus, Leif Ritchey, Evan Robarts, John Roebas, Michael Roy, Max Ruf, Jessica Sanders, Dominic Samsworth, Loup Sarion, Patrick Saytour, Yves Scherer, Joachim Schmid, Michael Scoggins, Frank Selby, Olivier Sévère, Kasper Sonne, Zoé De Soumagnat, Chris Succo, Eric Tabuchi, David de Tscharner, Xavier Veilhan, Adrien Vescovi, Claude Viallat, Romain Vicari, Mathias Wille, Graham Wilson, Letha Wilson, Eric Yahnker.